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Packing List for machu picchu

This Backpackers Inca Trail Packing List is designed to assist you in preparing for your outdoor adventure in one of the most stunning regions of Peru.

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backpack Inka Trail Backpacker, mochila para el camino inka


hike shoes Inka Trail Backpacker, zapatos de trek para el camino inka

Hiking Shoes

bottle Inka Trail Backpacker, botella para el camino inka, tomatodo camino inka, botrlla nalgene para camino inka

Water Bottle

hats Inka Trail Backpacker, sombrero para el camino inca, hat columbia inka trail, inca trail hat columbia


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Cusco and Machu Picchu Tours

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Inka Trail Backpacker is an official Peruvian company, therefore we are obligated to follow Peruvian law regulations. Our general rules are based on Peruvian law.

We are serious about our clients

We never change or modify our agreements without confirmation. You will get exactly what is listed on our website because we believe in truth in advertising.

We pay taxes to the Peruvian government

All of our prices include standard tax. We are committed to our land and its development. This ensures that it continues to grow and prosper.

We adhere to all Peruvian labor laws

We are committed to paying our office staff, tour guides, porters, wranglers, and chefs fairly. We also pride ourselves on staff safety and happiness. We as a team cannot make you happy, if we are not happy.

Our Pledge

Your privacy is respected and protected. Inka Trail Backpacker Company will never share, sell, or make public any of your personal contact information to third parties.

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Inka Trail Backpacker

At Inka Trail Backpacker, we specialize in providing the Cheapest Inca Trail tour options for backpackers and travelers seeking an Economical Inca Trail adventure. Our focus is to make the wonders of the Inca Trail accessible to all by offering cheap Inca Trail tours that are tailored to the unique needs and budgets of backpackers. By keeping our tour prices low, we empower you to have control over the additional options you choose to enhance your journey.

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